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2020-03-01 06:29 pm

☆ This Journal Is 90% Friends Only

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I am currently not adding anyone until further notice.
You can, however, PM me and try your luck if you really want to be friends.
I don't mind random adds, but don't expect an add back if you don't ask for one.

By the way, spam = instant ban.
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2011-12-03 09:49 pm


Know how you thought that I wouldn't be updating until after mid-December? Yeah, me neither.
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2011-11-13 05:56 pm
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13th November 2011 - to be decided

Status due to exams that will end only in mid-December and other stuff. I will check my f-page and some communities occasionally, but I do not know if I will be updating or commenting on any entries during this period.
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2011-07-16 11:45 pm
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2011-03-28 11:21 pm



Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously (if they'd like) about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts.
All comments are screened, anon is on and IP logging is off.
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2010-11-04 03:43 pm
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☆ Rename!

rashberrygolden → tuteur
just thought you ought to know.
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2010-10-02 06:49 am
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☆ (Icons) → Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

(20) ► Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (for [ profile] hp20in20)
✘ Comments are love
✘ Please remember to credit!
✘ Textless icons are not bases

Misc. Fawkes Harry & Dumbledore

結局、女、女だね。 )
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2007-03-16 03:13 pm


It's official.

The new TeniPuri OVA ending, Fujouri, is stuck in my head >.<

... >.<;;

For everybody who wants to hear it, comment here. I'll be more than happy to corrupt your minds and drag you along with me share the song with you.
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2007-03-15 06:17 pm


Inside this LJ-cut. )

Crack. This is utter crack XD
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2007-03-15 05:20 pm


Title: Living in Silence 
Fandom: TeniPuri/Tennis no Oujisama
Pairing: Pillar Pair [TezuRyo], Golden Pair [OishiEiji]
Genre: Angst/Drama
Rating: G (for now)
Status: On-going
Summary: Alternate Universe - Echizen Ryoma is the transfer student who never says anything. Everyone assumes that it's just because he doesn't like to talk, but could there be something more to it?
Disclaimer: All rights to Tennis no Oujisama doesn't belong to me.

Prologue )
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2007-03-15 12:53 pm
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2007-03-06 03:09 pm
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No. Fucking. Way.

I did not just feel 2 quake tremors in two hours. Did not. Especially not from an earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter Scale. That is 430 km away.

The second tremor did not fucking feel stronger than the first one.

I did not just feel the entire building shaking from the 14th floor.

... fuck. I did.

Well, this isn't the way I imagined I was going to die.
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2007-03-03 09:36 pm


Title: Revenge is Sweet
Fandom: TeniPuri/Tennis no Oujisama
Pairing: Pillar Pair [TezuRyo]
Genre: General/Humor?
Rating: G
Status: One-shot
Summary: Tezuka does something horrible to Ryoma and pays the price.
Disclaimer: All rights to Tennis no Oujisama doesn't belong to me.

Karma's a bitch. )