15 March 2007 @ 12:53 pm
Prince of Tennis: TeniPuri Survey
How did you find out about PoT?:I bought the manga. Reluctantly. At first. I mean... it's about tennis. I have no interest whatsoever in it. And the title was gay XD
When was that?:Last year. Maybe. Probably ^-^;;
What was first for you: the anime or the manga?:The manga. Were you even listening?!
Did you begin reading/watching it from the beginning?:Yup. Who the hell watches a show from the middle? >.<;;
If not, then at which point of the story?:*Points to previous question and sulks in a corner*
What was your first impression?:It's about gay guys. I'm not talking about being happy either. And it's CRACK with all the letters capitalised.
Do you download the manga?:Nope. Too lazy >.<
Do you download the anime?:Too long so... no.
Do you own original PoT manga books? (How many?):Yupyup. All 35 of 'em. Yeah so I'm a fangirl. Sue me >.>;;
Are they in your own language?:Yes. Pfft. How else am I suppose to read and understand them?
Do you own original PoT anime DVDs? (How many?):Indeed. All 178 episodes.
Are they in your own language?:What? Hell no! I refuse to listen to English dubs! *holds up protest sign*
Do you own any PoT merchandise?:Er. Maybe? I don't know >.<;;
What kind?:I. Do. Not. Know. -.-#
Do you buy it regularly?:... No comments.
Your favorite character::Echizen Ryoma-chan
Your least favorite character::Tezuka Kunimitsu. He's such a bloody know-it-all -.-;; *rants* ... not to mention he hurt Ryoma-chan! -.-##
Your favorite team::Seigaku and Hyoutei. They are the emperors.
Your least favorite team::Midoriyama. Or something.
The best game you've seen::The Sanada and Ryoma match. The official one.
The most boring game you've seen::Heh. Boring games. I can't remember.
Game you would yet like to see::Yukimura vs. Ryoma. Yes, I'm a Ryoma fangirl.
Your favorite pairing::TezuRyo!
Your least favorite pairing::TezuFuji >.>
The character you're most like::Eto... I don't know? =3
Do you write fanfiction?:YES. FEAR ME >=)
Do you draw fanart?:No.
Do you like reading fanfiction?:BUT OF COURSE.
Do you like looking at fanart?:Sure. If they're good.
Your favorite fanfiction genre::Romance. Fluff.
Your favorite fanfiction rating::... What do you think? ^-^
Your favorite fanfiction author::I have no idea. Myself =3 *gets shot*
Your favorite fanart artist::See that invisible guy there? Yeah. Him. =3
Have you ever participated in a PoT cosplay?:No. Now leave me alone *sulks*
Do you collect PoT dojinshi?:Sometimes.
Do you draw PoT dojinshi?:Who, me? I can't even draw to save my life >.>
Do you watch PoT AMVs?:Yes.
Do you make PoT AMVs?:... *cries* Nah. Stupid -- *censored*
One word to describe PoT::C. R. A. C .K. Oh. One word? >.<;; CRACK.
Is the above word 'crack'?:*Gasps* HAVE YOU BEEN READING MY MIND?! >.<;;
Are any of the PoT characters straight?:NO >=)
Should Sakuno die?:Nope. She's one of those rare female leads that I actually like.
Do you like Ryuzaki-sensei?:Yup.
Was the season about Americans necessary in the anime?:Read my lips. HELL. NO. *censored ranting*
Tenipuri, Anipuri or Tenimyu?:AniPuri. And TeniMyu. *cries* First cast~ T-T
Who is the seme of the series?:*coughTezukacough*
Who is the uke of the series?:*coughRYOMAcough* =3
Tezuka or Tezubot?:What? Who?
Is it OK for Ryoma to be winning all the time?:HELL YES. HELLO. YOU'RE ASKING THAT TO AN AVID RYOMA FANGIRL >=3
Who has the funniest hairstyle?:That Jyouseishounen guy. Shin-something.
Who has the best fashion sense?:Mizuki Atobe? ^-^;;
Oishi/Kikumaru - canon?:HAHAHA. YES. =3
Sengoku/Atobe - crack?:Crack.
Would you like to live in the world of PoT?:YES. They defy the laws of Physics =3
Which team would you like to play in?:Seigaku.
Which character would you go out with?:I would choose Ryoma, but he's with Tezuka =3 So... Kaidou? XD
Which character would you become friends with?:Yuuta. Ryoma. Atobe.
Which tennis technique would you like to learn?:INSIGHT =3 TEZUKA ZOOOONNNEEEE~
Which character would you most like to play against?:Kikumaru =3
Do you love Atobe?:Who? Oh, that narcissist? him? I used to hate him. Now I'm rather fond of him =3
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