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Title: Revenge is Sweet
Fandom: TeniPuri/Tennis no Oujisama
Pairing: Pillar Pair [TezuRyo]
Genre: General/Humor?
Rating: G
Status: One-shot
Summary: Tezuka does something horrible to Ryoma and pays the price.
Disclaimer: All rights to Tennis no Oujisama doesn't belong to me.

In the end, he didn't accomplish anything.

Tezuka wasn't sure what he had been trying to accomplish by doing what he did. It was a spur-of-the-moment thing and he had expected much anger on Ryoma's part. Just not like... that. He have always known that action without thought would never produce good results, and this incident just proves it.

Tezuka wasn't sure what he had expected Ryoma to do to him for this. Even though Tezuka hated to admit it, Ryoma was as unpredictable as the open seas. He's never 100% sure how Ryoma would react to what he does. Therefore, he uses this excuse as reason to why he hadn't seen it coming.

In the end, he didn't accomplish anything except getting Ryoma-deprived nights, a very chilling cold shoulder from Ryoma and making a solemn promise to himself that he will never, ever throw away Ryoma's Ponta again.


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LOL! I loved that. Hahaha Bad Tezuka. This was a very cute one-shot. <3

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Thank you ^-^
venivincere: (Buchou)

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Bwa ha ha! Here, I'm thinking he grabbed Ryoma and kissed him, then was rejected. Instead, he's gone and done something really foolish. :-D Nicely done!

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It was extremely foolish of him to do that ^-^ Thank you!

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This was really adorable. : ) And I enjoyed how Tezuka sounds like he's almost... sulking.

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Thank you ^-^ *imagines Tezuka sulking and bursts out laughing* XD

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Silly Buchou, he should have been more observant that other than tennis and Karupin, Ponta is amongst the three most important things in Echizen's life. Lucky, your uke hasn't tried looking for another seme XD

Nice drabble, oh dear, I thought Buchou slapped Ochibi again

~ m a y ~

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Indeed XD I almost made Fuji or Atobe his seme XD

Thank you ^-^ Nah, I hated that scene with passion *curses the scriptwriters*

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Lol, yeah I don't know whether that's a good or a bad thing? XD Since I don't mind threesome or foursome ar all.

You're not alone dear, although, I don't know whether to be unhappy or not since the bloody scriptwriter didn't make Tezuka at least look a bit sorry or something >_>

~ m a y ~

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I don't know whether I should be cursing the scriptwriters for making Tezuka slap Ryoma and not make him seem sorry, or the artists for not drawing the I'm-sorry face on Tezuka after he slapped Ryoma >.<;;

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May: It's still OT4 XD noticed that we're still lack of Sanada? Perhaps we should kidnap the stoic emperor?

Sanada: Tarundoru *twitches*

May: But Tezuka's behaviour only sprout more AtoRyo, KevRyo and FujiRyo actions. So, I think that's enough punishment for Buchou XD

~ m a y ~

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Good idea *bares fangs while smiling evilly*

Muse!Sanada: ... *vein appears*

Although I'm not a big fan of MomoRyo, but I think Momo gets first dibs. That is he wasn't straight...

Yare, yare...

Look what you did Tezkua-chan...

Muse!Tezuka: ... *runs off to beg Ryoma to stay with him*

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Tezuka's lucky he got off light. I mean, what if Ryoma had burned his lavender shirt or something? He'd be running laps until he turns eighty. :P

Very cute drabble. And very short-sighted of Tezuka, really.

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I think that's why Ryoma didn't do something like that in the first place ^-^;;

Thank you!