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Title: Living in Silence 
Fandom: TeniPuri/Tennis no Oujisama
Pairing: Pillar Pair [TezuRyo], Golden Pair [OishiEiji]
Genre: Angst/Drama
Rating: G (for now)
Status: On-going
Summary: Alternate Universe - Echizen Ryoma is the transfer student who never says anything. Everyone assumes that it's just because he doesn't like to talk, but could there be something more to it?
Disclaimer: All rights to Tennis no Oujisama doesn't belong to me.


The stranger transfer who joined the Seigaku Tennis Club not too long ago was the talk of the club he chose to join. When he joined two weeks ago, nobody thought it was strange that he never talked to anyone in the club. This only lasted for a week before the freshmen started talking.

"Hey. You know that boy? He never talks to anyone!"

"He's so arrogant! He never greets the seniors with proper respect! He just nods his head and walks off!"

"Did someone cut off his tongue? I asked him a question and he just gives me a look and walks away!"

Soon, the second and third years joined in on the gossip.

"What's with him?"

"He talks less than Tezuka-buchou and that's saying something."

The subject himself seemed to remain unruffled, but the regulars had noticed the gossiping. Usually, Tezuka would cut them off by ordering laps, but when he wasn't around, the courts were as noisy as the market.

It wasn't just the Tennis Club. It was the whole school. All of them had deemed the quiet freshman worthy of constant gossip.

That freshman, Echizen Ryoma. Soon-to-be Seigaku Tennis Club's regular and the talk of his fellow teammates and rivals.

End of Prologue

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Wow, nice prolouge. I await the first chapter. :D

I love your icon. ♥

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Thank you for the comment! ^-^

Thanks =3 I love your icon too.

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Thank you. :D Echizen is so cute in that.

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it took me a while to find the reply link *sweat* XD
I can't wait for the first chapter, the prologue sounded really interesting.

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It's well-disguised XD

Thank you!

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An interesting start so far. (^^) I'm looking forward to the rest. Ganbatte!

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Thank you! ^-^


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Ah I so do enjoy seeing different interpretations of Ryoma's less than sociable nature, snorts all though it's just a prologue, you've caught my eye so I'll be watching.


Re: Ah

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Ahhh... I feel the pressure~ ^-^;; Thanks for the comment.
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Wow, this is really neat. I can't wait to read the next chapter. How do I make sure that I don't miss the next time you update? (I'm new to lj, if you couldn't tell)

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All you have to do is make sure to check the tezukaryouma community regularly ^-^ I'll post there when I update a chapter.
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Sweet!! I love the prologue ^_^ I can't wait for the first chapter...
*sending good mojo to the muses...*

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Nice! I have a guess. Is Ryoma mute or something?